Board of Directors

Walker Crowson

Walker Crowson has been named the president of the Sun Bowl Association for the 2013-14 year.

Crowson, along with the 2013 Board of Directors and Advisors, were officially introduced Friday at the Oasis Bistro and Lounge.

An active member of the Sun Bowl Association since 2001, Crowson began volunteering as team host for the WestStar Bank Don Haskins Sun Bowl Invitational. In 2005, he was named team host committee captain and served as tournament chairman from 2009 to 2011. Crowson has also served as host for the Western Refining College All-America Golf Classic since 2007. He was appointed to the association’s board of directors in 2008 as general counsel and vice president of legal affairs and served in that capacity until 2012 when he was named president-elect.

A third generation El Pasoan, Crowson graduated from Coronado High School in 1992 and attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in government. He graduated cum laude from Texas Tech School of Law in 1999. Crowson is a partner, along with his father, in the law firm of Crowson & Crowson, LLP. He is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been named a Texas “Rising Star” attorney each year since 2008.

Crowson is active throughout the El Paso community in professional and civic organizations. He is a past-president of the El Paso Young Lawyers Association, which named him the 2006-2007 Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year in El Paso, and former chairman of the Employment and Labor Law Committee of the El Paso Society for Human Resource Management, which honored him with the EPSHRM 2006 Professional of the Year Award. Crowson has also served on the board of directors of the El Paso Bar Association and the El Paso Chapter of the Ex-Students Association of the University of Texas at Austin. He currently serves on the El Paso Country Club Board of Directors.

Crowson and his wife, Jennifer, also an attorney, are the parents of two daughters, Charlotte and Ella.

Joining the 80th president of the association on the board of directors are Barry Kobren (President Elect), Marilyn Munden (Executive Vice-President), Gary Hanson (Immediate Past President), Jimmy Rogers, Jr. (Chair Emeritus), Agustine Montes (Secretary), Steve Beltran (Treasurer), Bill Blaziek (VP Community Relations), Stuart Sliva (VP Marketing), Scott Mann (VP Legal Affairs), Wayne Thornton (VP Public Relations), Linda Smith (Coronation), John Folmer (Football Chairman), Jim Lawrence (Parade Chairman), Art Muñoz (Special Events Chairman), Asher Feinberg (CBS Host Chairman), Natalia Flores, Kay Mooy, Bill Coon, Allen Rystad, John Aranda, Larry Duncan, Robert Dunlop, Michael Guerra, Drew Hawley, Mary Kipp, Andre Miranda, Victor Rueda, Ric Siefkas and James Stewart.

The 2013 Sun Bowl Association Board of Advisors is made up of Amen Ayoub, Frank Bates, Ruben Batista, County Judge Veronica Escobar, Mayor John Cook, Richard Dayoub, Linda East, Ernest Eisenberg, Sarah Enriquez, David Forti, Travis Hughes, Brian Kennedy, Monica Lombraña, David Morales, Chris Mott, John Oblinger, Jean Offutt, Terri Rangel, Bruce Reichman, Jimmy Rogers III, Mike Rogers, Mike Rosales, Bob Stull, Cindy Ramos-Davidson, Pat Valdez-Rios, Joe Valenzuela, Charles Vass, Mario Vega and Ken Walters.

2014 Sun Bowl Association Board of Directors

2014 Sun Bowl Association Board of Advisors

Amen Ayoub
Frank Bates
Ruben Batista
Bill Blaziek
Edward Davis
Richard Dayoub
Linda East
Sarah Enriquez
Veronica Escobar
David Forti
Brian Kennedy
Monica Lambraña
Tommy Lewis
Charlie Lopez
Agustin Montes
David Morales
Chris Mott
Major General (USA Ret.) John Oblinger
Jean Offutt
Cindy Ramos-Davidson
Terri Rangel
Jimmy Rogers, III
Mike Rogers
Mike Rosales
Victor Salazar
Bob Stull
Brad Taylor
Pat Valdez-Rios
Joe Valenzuela
Charles Vass
Mario Vega

Past Presidents

1934 – Dr. C. M. Hendricks
1935 – Harris Walthall
1936 – Harvey Gamble
1937 – W. S. Crombie
1938 – John Neff
1939 – L.W. Overlock
1940 – Dr. R.B. Homan
1941 – Frank Klohs
1942 – Wiley Edwards
1943 – M.L. Hutchins
1944 – Chris Fox
1945 – John Jagoe
1946 – H.O. Fulwiler
1947 – Dan White
1948 – C.M. Irwin
1949 – J. Francis Morgan
1950 – Forrest Smith
1951 – Karl Wyler
1952 – Howard Maxon
1953 – Ted Andress
1954 – Thomas Patterson
1955 – Robert Haynesworth
1956 – Judson F. Williams
1957 – Harold Wiggs
1958 – Maurice Hill
1959 – B. Marshall Willis
1960 – Carl Conners
1961 – William Latham
1962 – James Orr
1963 – Leonard Goodman Jr.
1964 – Jack Chapman
1965 – Dr. W. W. Schuessler
1966 – Richard Mithoff
1967 – Richard Mithoff
1968 – Frank Gorman, Jr.
1969 – E. W. Kayser, Jr.
1970 – James Rogers, Jr.
1971 – Jack Kitchen
1972 – C. C. “Jimmie” Krigbaum
1973 – Irwin Lambka
1974 – Roy Chapman
1975 – W. Clay Fiske
1976 – Jim Phillips
1977 – Alan Rash
1978 – George Janzen
1979 – Harry Stone
1980 – Ted Houghton
1981 – Jane Thornton
1982 – John Thompson
1983 – Harris Hatfield
1984 – Larry Wood
1985 – Sam Jenkins
1986 – Joe Wilson
1987 – David Wiggs, Jr.
1988 – Ted Houghton, Jr.
1989 – Henry Ellis
1990 – Randy Lee
1991 – Nathan Christian
1992 – Steve DeGroat
1993 – Ramiro Guzman
1994 – Darrell Windham
1995 – Joyce Feinberg
1996 – Richard Black
1997 – Alejandro Acosta, Jr.
1998 – Clyde Scott
1999 – Don Melendez
2000 – Bernie Olivas
2001 – Sam Santana
2002 – Louis Zuniga
2003 – Chris Mott
2004 – Linda Smith
2005 – Wayne Thornton
2006 – John H. Folmer
2007 – Linda East
2008 – Joe Valenzuela
2009 – Frank Bates
2010 – Amen F. Ayoub
2011 – Mike Rogers
2012 – Gary Hanson
2013 – Walker Crowson